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The anticipation is killing me

The assortment that was given to me looks great. Unfortunately my work schedule has blocked me from pursuing the panfish that I want to target. High hopes and fingers crossed for tight lines

First time fly fishing, fly line is high quality. Works very well.

Grab Bag ($75 Value)
David Hanrahan
Grab bag

The grab bag is a great deal for the price. It had fly tying materials, fly fishing accessories and fluorocarbon tippet. Other needed things as well. Great value!

Much needed upgrade

I decided to upgrade my old smaller mesh net this year and have been wanting to get one with the silicone netting. Perfect Hatch made it a done deal when they offered me a very generous discount. This net is not heavy at all, very light, and looks well made. I will be looking forward to using this and feeling better that it won’t be removing that beneficial slime off of the fish, the whole reason why I upgraded. Thank Perfect Hatch

Grab Bag ($75 Value)
Garret Bowman

This was amazing! Great variety of products! Would purchase again!


Great products as always

Grizzly Dry Fly Mini Patch

Excellent product and an affordable price. Love Perfect Hatch!

Portable and stable

Perfect match for the vise. Very stable and much better than using the clamp.

A must need...

The ceramic does reduce the thread from fraying. This is a must to tie quality flies.

Coachman Brown Dry Fly Patch

I found this is a really good hackle. It's great for my flies sizes 12 to 14. It is a good product that doesn't break the bank, especially for new tiers who are just starting out. Shipping was also quick and accurate. I'll buy from Perfect Hatch again.

Excellent Vise

Easily secures the hook in the vice. Still figuring how to use smaller hooks in the vice. Purchased the platform so it sits on the table. Worth it!

Looks good. Haven’t tried them yet.

Turkey Tails Oak
David Bailis
Nice Turkey Tails!

Nice blend of colors and a Product of USA.

Happy w everything

Got a bunch of stuff.
Seems like a good company

Ostrich Combo Pack
Terry Spivey
Ostrich Combo Pack

Perfect compliment for tying mini leech jig flies. Good quality - nice color variety in the package.

Wing Burner Caddis
John Pineda
Wing burners.

Perfect tools for burning wings for several patterns. These tools make it easier and safer when burning feathers or wing materials.

Great little tool!

I am very impressed with how easy it is, and makes dubbing loops to use. The hair packer is a great added feature to the tool. I would highly recommend the turbo dubbing twister from Perfect a match.

Perfect Thread 6/0
John Pineda

The 6/0 tying thread is great for tying smaller sized patterns and lays on nicely to the hook shank with out building up bulk. It is also exceptionally tough for its size.

John Pineda
Great product.

The microfibbets from Perfect Hatch are great for tying in mayfly tails on dry flies and also when needing to add antennas to different buggy patterns. They are super strong as well.

Chinese Cock Cape
John Pineda

I was highly impressed with this cape. The feathers were consistent and in great condition. A great buy compared to some of the more expensive hackle capes on the market. A bit short in the smaller sizes but still a great value.

Rabbit Fur Dubbing
John Pineda
Super fine and perfect for smaller flies.

Perfect Hatch's rabbit dubbing is great for tying smaller sized patterns as the fibers are very fine and dub very nice to the thread. fibers are consistent throughout the package.

Leech Yarn
John Pineda
Great material for balanced leeches and streamers.

Perfect Hatch's Leech Yarn is great for tying balanced leeches and adding lifelike motion to streamer patterns.

Verigated Chenille
John Pineda
A treat for tying several patterns.

Perfect Hatch's Variegated Chenille is awesome material for tying many patterns. The medium size is great for wooley's and streamers and the small makes for some very nice stone fly imitations. I would highly recommend this material.

Antron Dubbing
John Pineda
Perfect for dry fly dubbing.

Perfect Hatch's Antron dubbing is excellent for tying waterproof dubbing onto dry flies or adding to weighted flies for a slower sink rate which at times matters. The fibers in the package are smooth and consistent throughout.

Bobbin Cradle
John Pineda
Perfect Hatch Bobbin Cradle.

Grabbed up the Perfect Hatch bobbin cradle about a month ago and I am impressed with the product. I really like how adjustable it is on the vice as you can angle your bobbin in different positions, and this makes it easier for tying on different materials. I give this product four stars only due to the set screw being a little harsh on the vice's rod. I rubberized the very tip of the screw and it has helped some. All in all I am pleased with the product and would recommend the cradle to fellow tier's.