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Beginning Fly tying

Purchased at Dicks sporting goods, for the price, received everything to get started fly tying. Did the first two examples, and turned out OK. Plus, website has most everything you would need depending on interest of fly tying.

Best fly boxes around

Perfect hatch fly boxes are made for any occasion. I love the medium and large sizes. They fit more than enough flies and are secure and even waterproof for half the price than the big names fly boxes. The foam holds the flies from size 20 to size 2 with ease. This is my 4th purchase of these fly boxes and after filling this one I’ll buy another!

Cone Head Beads
Francis Tobin
Extra flash

The shape and extra flash of the cone head is perfect for big trout and smallmouth streamers

Streamer Assortment
Joshua Cerda
Trying to catch bass

Trying to catch some bass with these, but these panfish love them more!

Strung Marabou
Francis Tobin
Strung Marabou Jigs

Strung Marabou really comes to life in the water. The jigs I tie are used in the Susquehanna River for smallmouth and musky and they hold up well against those toothy creatures.

Buck Tail
Francis Tobin
Perfect Buck Tail

This is my version of the Baby Rainbow tied with all Buck Tail. After 50 years of tying I found this Buck Tail the best.

Premium Strung Saddle
Francis Tobin
Excellent materials

Everything I use is great to work with new vise new ceramic spool heavy thread head cement cones and beads marabou hackle chenille and bucktail it’s easy to order and delivery is fast

The Veteran Fly Reel + The Opener Rod Combo
Jae Smith

This rod and reel combo is amazing. Super smooth and easy to cast! The reel is set up a little different than what I am used to, but I’m getting the hang of it. I’ll definitely be recommending this to my fly fishing friends!

No hassle

Was looking for a beginner's rod and found this kit. Saved myself the hassle of buying different things. Great way to practice casting. Will give it to my son once I learned how to cast and will upgrade!

Dry Fly Assortment
Brian McDonnell
The Dry Fly Assortment saved the day!

With low water levels and warmer than expected temperatures this morning, the fish where not moving.
I worked a quiet section of stream for about an hour until I found a shaded hole with just a hint of dappled sunlight.
I had started the morning with a fly from your Grab n Go Assortment, with not much luck. As I approached that shaded hole a fish broke the surface.
I decided to switch up and grabbed a fly from your Dry Fly Assortment. First cast and I got a bite! In my excitement I tried to set the hook to quickly and missed him. A few more casts and this 9" Brook Trout was in my net!!!
The Dry Fly saved the day!

A wonderful rod and reel combo!

I was very surprised at the quality of the combo once I started using it.
The carry tube is sturdy but compact. It's small enough to fit under the back seat of Silverado. Is light enough to take on a long hike to find that perfect fishing spot.
The Opener is always in my truck!
The natural cork handle is comfortable in my hand. The 4 piece rod assembled quickly and feels stout.
I would recommend this combo to beginners and veteran fishermen of all ages.
I caught a couple of nice Brown Trout this past weekend (in Benton, PA) on this rod using a Perfect Hatch Dry Fly Nymph.
I'm looking forward to trying more your accessories!

Amazing Crystal Buggers! Great Quality

Great Quality! These crystal buggers catch fish!

Strung Marabou
david daley
Flys my way they catch fish

The strung marabou is outstanding for my need easy to work wih

Great Fly Fishing Combo

I ordered the 5/6wt and it is the perfect do it all size. I’ve already caught a few bluegill on the line that was included. I love that I was able to open the box and tie on a fly and get to the river. The rod handles very nicely and the reel feels very durable. I also really liked the included rod tube. This rod replaced the old fly rod that my Grandad passed down to me 20 years ago. I was very happy to find that this rod outperformed my old rod.

Great rod/reel combo!

Really loved this rod/reel combo. The shipping was speedy and the rod tube is extremely functional. The rod is very durable and the reel is super smooth. It came pre-spooled which is nice since I don’t have a lot of experience. This rod and reel have been very forgiving for this new fly fisherman.

Best fly setup

It has a very sturdy case and the zippers are quality!
The pole is made of high quality material and it shows! It is nice and lightweight and glides through the air like it should.
The real is nice and smooth for reeling in the big one. You will never go wrong with this setup. The price point in my opinion is to low. The quality this setup brings should be priced above $200. At this price they are giving them away.

Really exceeded my expectations

This is a really nice fly rod kit. I was quite surprised when I opened up the bag. I have another beginner set and this one is way nicer.

The rod itself seems like great quality. The pieces fit together perfectly and are easy to connect and disconnect. The flex, the lightweight feel yet solid, the rod just feels like a quality rod.
The reel is good but obviously not high end and nicer than my other set.

I really like the fact that it comes pre-spooled and ready to go.

The case is nice as well. It’s able to carry the reel connected to rod handle so no need to remove the reel every time to put away.

This set looks of quality and looks great.

Super High Quality, Great Price

The company that produces this rod/reel combo is from my home state of Pennsylvania. And I'm very impressed with the product they've produced for such a reasonable price.
The reel comes completely pre-spooled. All you need to do is add the flies and you're ready to go fishing.
The quality of both the rod and the reel rivals that of combos that cost 5 times as much, or more.
The carrying case is solidly made. The exterior is a tough canvas with a zipper that works beautifully. The interior of the case has a solid PVC core to keep the 4-piece rod protected.
The 4-part rod easily and sturdily interconnects.
I would highly recommend this rod/reel combo over the cheaper options on Amazon. The quality of this combo is lightyears ahead of the other combos without being cost prohibitive.

Perfect combo!

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this combo for the price. The rod tube has individual sleeves for each piece of the rod. It came completely rigged up and all I needed were flies to get started. You couldn’t ask for a better fly rod/reel combo. I also bought their fly fishing vest and the quality was just as good. They also have some fly assortments that I’ll definitely be adding to my Christmas list.

great value and economical set up

I don’t usually write reviews, but so far i’m a big fan of this brand. last year I went on a trip with my dad and brother to fish the Missouri in Montana. We used the guides gear and then borrowed some from the outfitter when we went out on our own. I loved the feel of those rods, but I could not believe the $1k price tag on some of them! i’m glad I found this brand because the quality is there but not the sticker shock! this set feels really great in the hand and the travel holder is well designed. I can throw some tippet and a small fly box in the side pocket and keep this thing in the truck when traveling.

Sili Worms
Thorsen Dusenberry
Great product

Quality materials with fast shipping and many colors to choose from.

Phx, Az

The most used fly in my boat!

The Miracle Hopper, both orange and black are my favourite flies for rainbow and cutthroat trout fishing! I use them all summer and into the fall. I have used them on lakes, the famous Bow River, in Alberta…the Flathead River, in Montana and the Elk River, in British Columbia. Im usually the only woman on our favourite lake and I get asked frequently what it is that I’m using to catch all the fish. It’s the Miracle Hopper! The picture I’m sending along with this review is a fellow that came over to me on the lake and asked what I had on…he told me he hadn’t even had a bite in over 2 hours and saw I was catching. I showed him the black miracle hopper…..when he looked at it he made a face and said….””this is what you are catching with? This fellow was a purist fisherman…I had to talk him into putting this fly on his line. I showed him how to twitch it to get the fish’s attention and how close to the weeds to cast. I waited and watched a few yards away! His second cast he nailed this trout! He is now a believer!

Very nice fishing net to go easy on your catch and release fish

I like to fly fish. In the past I would buy a real expensive wooden fishing net then leave it on the shore and the cycle would begin again. Having a rubber net is important as most of my fishing is catch and release so I don't want to hurt the fish with a scratchy net. The price of this net was almost too good to be true given my past experience purchasing nets like these so I had to get it to see if it would work for my needs. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this is a very sturdy framed and nice looking net. The netting itself is just as I had before and will be good for the fish. Unless you are looking for a fishing net with exotic wood that you can show off at the lodge, this one for the money is a perfect substitute.


it cleans very light the net with a good depth and seems to be very resistant , wood with a perfect finish

High quality Low price

I really wanted a quality fly reel that wouldn’t break the bank. This reel checked all the boxes! Very smooth retrieve. I loved the drag on it. This was my first step up from a beginner’s level fly reel, and you can definitely tell the difference. Fantastic fly reel!